Goldfinch Elson Design

Goldfinch Elson Design

Tracy Goldfinch Elson first discovered a talent for drawing as a shy 8 year old when she would spend playtimes drawing her classmates' portraits only to find that she had attracted a crowd - including teachers - who patiently watched over her shoulder as her drawings took shape. She continued drawing pencil portraits into adulthood, taking on numerous commissions, until she had her two little girls and family life took over. 

When her youngest daughter started school in 2016, Tracy had the time to explore her creativity and, with the support of her husband - a fellow creative soul - established Goldfinch Elson Design, initially to develop her collection of cards and notecards. In January 2017, Tracy bought her first 'proper' camera with the intention of taking professional shots of her cards and, in a bid to increase awareness, began posting the images on Instagram. This foray into the world of social media has proved to be a great source of inspiration for Tracy, uncovering a passion for dark, atmospheric photography whilst learning from established artists such as Peter McGoldrick and Kris Coolens and from online accounts such @prorodica_godlewski and @her_dark_materials.

With her emerging dark photography style and increasing online presence, Tracy has been approached by a number of companies to style and take product photos including for the inside covers of the newly launched HOC Supper Club Magazine.

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