A Curated Home...

I love visiting galleries...

...a feeling of calm falls on me and I am grateful for not being required to do anything other than look, sense and absorb. A beautifully curated exhibition is always clever and never obvious: even if the content turns out to be not to my taste, I am still aware of the careful selection of items and their placement in the surroundings.

Essentially, we are all curators in our own homes, through the hanging of paintings and photographs on our walls, the composing of still-life collections of vases, bowls and artefacts on our coffee tables and through choosing planting schemes in our gardens.

Like our appreciation of art, our home is a personal reflection of our ideas, our likes and dislikes and our individual tastes. Sometimes we place items together because they harmonise and complement one another. On other occasions, contrasting colours and textures make bolder and dramatic eye-catching arrangements. I have a scarlet enamel coffee pot which I stand on display next to the blue tiles in my kitchen. Only a small foray into drama, but one which I appreciate every time I enter the room!


...we acquire new items (and I have Feather Edge to thank for numerous recent additions in my home!) and, if you’re like me, they are moved around frequently in various rooms, in different places and with a multitude of other lovely pieces until I am happy with the ‘tableau’!

During a recent trip to the West Country I visited the Hauser and Wirth gallery in Bruton. The current art exhibition sadly did not appeal to me. However, the garden has been landscaped and designed by Piet Oudolph and his signature perennial meadow planting was clear to see, even in the Autumn, with the beautiful seed-heads creating their own impact. His selection of plants and the placement of them in swathes is a stunning example of curating in the natural world to produce a specific design.

Naturally Christmas is a time when our homes welcome natural foliage inside, as well as candlelight and many, many decorations. We decorate for the festive season, whether it’s minimally or total Yuletide mania and we curate our special baubles and garlands and lights, both heirlooms and the glitter creations made by our children.

I hope you enjoy curating...

...your homes for Christmas as much as I will and make sure you find the time to relax and feel calm so you can sense and absorb the beautiful and satisfying results.

Sue x

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