Creating the ‘wow factor’...

with hand thrown ceramic pendants

I’m a big fan of ceramic lighting, loving the way the natural materials, textures, colour and form add layers of interest to a space. So when Lucy Hogan, owner of Wildcroft Interiors in Witley, Surrey asked me to recommend someone to make a series of bespoke ceramic pendants for a key project I knew we were in for something special!

Lucy’s clients, Catherine and Steve Burton, own a beautiful 1920s house backing onto the North Downs in Guildford. The house was originally bought by Catherine’s grandparents and has been in the family ever since, something that Catherine, Steve and their three children cherish. Each generation has put their stamp on the property and the couple were keen to do the same by transforming the kitchen and dining areas into a family-friendly, contemporary space to suit their relaxed and convivial entertaining style.

In order to achieve this, Lucy recommended a complete restructure, knocking the existing kitchen through to the dining room. My showroom partners, Charter Walk Kitchen Living, were chosen to help create the fabulous new kitchen with Elphiston Wells Ltd. undertaking the building work.

Central to the new layout is the introduction of a large island with seating for four alongside a stylish, more formal dining area designed by Lucy which seats up to twelve guests and enjoys stunning views over the garden towards the Downs.

Catherine has long admired...

the look and feel of modern handcrafted ceramics and was keen to introduce natural clay elements into the design. When I saw the beautiful Calligaris Omnia ceramic dining table and Quartz - Silestone Blanco City worktops sourced by Lucy, their simple and refined modernity immediately brought to mind the work of ceramicist, Sue Ure. Sue launched her own range of handmade ceramic pendant lights in January and I knew she would bring something unique and interesting to the project.

Sue was delighted with the commission and Lucy - who has been known to throw a pot or two herself - was brimming with ideas. Despite being based in France, Sue worked quickly and various colour samples, devised by introducing oxides into her clay mix, were soon crossing the Channel.

With the material and colour agreed Lucy, with input from Catherine, drew up three pendant designs for Sue to transform into thrown ceramic pendants. These were named ‘Red Wine’, ‘Champagne Flute’ and ‘Ho Chi Minh Hat’ in tribute to the happy years the family had spent living in the city. Lucy hung one of each design above the island before, in a tour de force, creating a stunning group of nine pendants above the dining table. 

Helping to dress the space with handcrafted pieces from the Feather Edge collection and gorgeous faux flowers from Eternal Blooms by Victoria in readiness for Tracy Goldfinch Elson’s wonderful photoshoot brought home the impact of this remarkable ceramic lighting factor created? You bet!

Lucy Hogan was elated with the end result saying, ‘Wanting to create something truly bespoke for my clients was critical to the success of this project, so I am truly grateful to Amber from Feather Edge for recommending Sue Ure to produce twelve unique and stunning pendants which give the kitchen restructure that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. I look forward to working with both Amber and Sue on future client projects to add that touch of elegance to their interiors.’

Sue Ure is equally thrilled commenting, ‘I was delighted to work with Feather Edge and Wildcroft Interiors to create something really special for Catherine and Steve. Commissions like this are always really stimulating and are an encouragement to explore paths one might never have chosen otherwise. I’m all fired up with new ideas for later this year!’

If you’d like to discuss a commission by Sue Ure please contact me on 01428 658567or email

For more information, or to book a complimentary interior design consultation with Lucy, please contact 07711 872290 or email  

Photography by Tracy Goldfinch Elson

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