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Enjoy the simple pleasures of a perfectly brewed pot of tea or coffee with our selection of handcrafted teapots and Scandinavian inspired tea and coffee makers. Jugs and carafes in stoneware, porcelain and mouthblown glass complete the collection.
48 results
Handcrafted Teapot, Matte Grey
Stelton EM Coffee Press, Black
Stelton EM Coffee Press, Anthracite
Stelton EM Press Tea Maker, Dusty Green
Stelton Collar Espresso Maker
Contemporary Glass Teapot, Grey
Retro Stoneware Teapot
Hand Thrown Teapot, Charcoal
Hand Thrown Tall Jug, Charcoal
Hand Thrown Small Jug, Charcoal
Hand Thrown Espresso Jug, Charcoal
Hand Thrown Pint Jug, Pink
Hand Thrown Teapot, Pink
Hand Thrown Tall Jug, Pink
Hand Thrown Jug, Pink
Hand Thrown Tall Jug, Arctic White
Hand Thrown Small Jug, Arctic White
Hand Thrown Teapot, Arctic White
Hand Thrown Espresso Jug, Pink
Sandrine Milk Jug, Blue
Sandrine Milk Jug, Grey
Hand Thrown Pint Jug, Indigo
Hand Thrown Tall Jug, Indigo
Carrie Jug, Natural - Large
Carrie Jug, Natural - Small
Sandrine Water Jug, Grey
Handmade Riviera Water Pitcher
Red Wine Carafe With Oak Stopper
White Wine/Water Carafe With Oak Stopper
‘Hand Made In England’ Jug, Gold Rim
Hand Thrown Porcelain Jug, Cloud
Mr & Mrs Water Carafe, Charcoal
Mr & Mrs Water Carafe, Indigo
Mr & Mrs Water Carafe, Natural Stone
Mr & Mrs Milk Pourer, Pale Grey
Handcrafted Teapot, Matte White
48 results
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