Little Plates | Cups | Bowls

A charming collection of hand illustrated children's plates, cups and bowls featuring lovable characters and interesting shapes in ceramic and bamboo.
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Bear Plate, White
Marius Plate, Stoneware
Marius Cups, Set Of 2
Hedgehog Cup and Plate Set, Cream
Nanna Plate
Nanna Plate
Nanna Bowl
Nanna Bowl
Nanna Plates, Set of 4
Nanna Cups, Set of 2
Alex Cup, Bamboo
Alex Tableware Gift Set, Bamboo
Benjamin Cups, Set of 2
Benjamin Bowl, Blue
Benjamin Plates, Set of 4
Smilla Cups, Set of 2
Smilla Cloud Plate, Blue
Smilla Cloud Plate, Rose
Smilla Cloud Plate, White - Large
Smilla Cloud Plate, White - Small
Mole Plate
Mole Plate
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