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Decorate your table with our collection of handmade plates, cups and bowls in a beautiful array of glaze colours. Team with cutlery in copper, gold or stainless steel for a unique and contemporary table setting.
80 results
Carrie Plate, Natural
Carrie Side Plate, Natural
Carrie Bowl, Natural
Carrie Mug, Natural
Sandrine Dinner Plate, Blue
Sandrine Side Plate, Blue
Sandrine Bowl, Blue
Sandrine Mug, Blue
Sandrine Dinner Plate, Grey
Sandrine Side Plate, Grey
Sandrine Bowl, Grey
Sandrine Mug, Grey
Small Plate, Gold
‘Hand Made In England’ Bowl, Gold
‘Hand Made In England’ Mug, Gold
'Hand Made In England' Bowl, White
'Hand Made In England' Mug, White
Mole Plate
Mole Plate
Fox and Rabbits Teacup and Saucer
Short Mug, Mustard
Short Mug, Charcoal
Short Mug, Steel Grey
Ebele Mug, Coal
Ebele Mug, Coal
Ebele Mug, Cashmere
Ebele Mug, Linen
Cosy Mug, Midnight
Cosy Mug, Sea Dawn
Cosy Mug, Misty Morning
Cosy Mug, Hazy Skyline
Asymmetric Bowl, Grey - Large
Asymmetric Bowl, Grey - Small
Large Mug, Grey
Large Mug, Grey
Espresso Cup, Grey
Espresso Cup, Stone
Asymmetric Bowl, Stone - Large
Asymmetric Bowl, Stone - Small
80 results
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