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A stylish collection of handcrafted serving bowls, platters and dishes to suit every dining occasion.
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Arezzo Cake Stand
Stoneware Fish Serving Bowl, Large
Handcrafted Fig Bowl
Handcrafted Dipped Platter
Sandrine Serving Bowl, Grey
Nature Serving Bowl, Large
Sandrine Serving Dish, Grey
Joy Serving Bowl, Grey
Joy Serving Platter, Grey
Handmade Riviera Oval Platter
Handmade Artisan Riviera Platter
Carrie Serving Bowl, Natural
Low Carrie Serving Bowl, Natural
Serving Bowl, Granite
Serving Bowl, Dark Lemongrass
Serving Bowl, Deep Coral
Serving Bowl, Turquoise Sea
Serving Bowl, Yellow
Serving Platter, Granite
Serving Platter, Pale Blue
Hand Thrown Riva Bowl, Charcoal - Large
Hand Thrown Riva Bowl, Pink - Large
Hand Thrown Riva Bowl, Pistachio
Hand Thrown Riva Bowl, Pink Strata - Large
Hand Thrown Riva Bowl, Pink Strata - Medium
Handcrafted Hala Cake Stand
Handcrafted Hala Cake Stand
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