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A stylish collection of finely crafted vases and linens. Many of the ceramic vases are hand-thrown sculptural pieces that look equally good with or without flowers. 

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Penguin Waddle Tea Towel
Nocturnal Animals Oven Gloves
Penguin Waddle Oven Gloves
In Bloom Tea Towel, Green Flowers
In Bloom Tea Towel, Camellia
Brown Stoneware Vase
Textured Green Glass Vase
Nocturnal Badger and Mole Tea Towel
Textured Glass Vase, Clear
Brown Glass Vase
Grey Stoneware Vase
Rustic White Terracotta Vase
Liva Vase, Stoneware, White
Mister Bear Tea Towel
Nocturnal Tea Towel
Fox and Rabbits Tea Towel
In Bloom Tea Towel, Cistus
In Bloom Tea Towel, Pansy
Stoneware Textured Vase, Grey
Selvedge Edge Ruti Loom Napkins, Chateau Grey - Set Of 4
Selvedge Edge Tea Towel, Chateau Grey
Selvedge Edge Tea Towel, French Blue
Sue Ure white ceramic vase
Eadie Vase, Pale Grey
Eadie Vase, Indigo
Betty Vase, Indigo
Betty Vase, Pale Grey
Musical Chairs Tea Towel
Tea Time Tea Towel
In Bloom Tea Towel, Multi Flower
Green Vase, Stoneware
Textured Grey Glass Vase
Horn Napkin Ring
Napkin, Dusky Rose
Napkin, Denim Blue
Napkin, Mushroom
48 results
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