Little Feather Edge Tableware Collection

An adorable collection of children’s tableware from leading Scandinavian brands. These pieces are perfect for gifts, simply choose your favourite items and we will gift box them for you.
Handmade Sandrine Plate, Blue
Handmade Sandrine Side Plate, Blue
Handmade Sandrine Pasta Bowl, Blue
Handmade Sandrine Bowl, Blue
Woven Placemat, Water Hyacinth
Wholesome Placemats, Set of 4
Wholesome Coasters, Set of 4
Textured Green Glass Vase
Nature Serving Bowl, Large
Nature Serving Bowls, Small - Set of 2
Nature Pinch Pots - Set of 2
Handcrafted Mud Pan Ceramic Serving Bowl
Mr & Mrs Teapot, Natural Stone
Mr & Mrs Water Carafe, Indigo
Mr & Mrs Water Carafe, Natural Stone
Mr & Mrs Water Carafe, Charcoal
Tea Time Play Set, Wood
Superhero Serving Set, Green, Bamboo
Smilla Cups, Set of 2
Smilla Cloud Plate, White - Small
Feather Edge Gift Voucher
Feather Edge Gift Voucher
Feather Edge Gift Voucher
Stoneware Cherry Tray, Gold
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