Meet Jack, a four legged friend of one of our talented makers, Amy Brown, who was inspired to create her Dogs Dinner collection by numerous walks in the park.

Like all of Amy’s creations, Jack has a very distinct character, often being described as a whirlwind in a fluffy coat. Likes to think he’s more Weimaraner than Westie. DO NOT TAKE HIS BALL. Can be found sniffing around bins - one man’s rubbish is Jack’s treasure!

Use on its own or combine with other characterful dog placemats and coasters in the collection.

Handcrafted in Britain from a sustainably sourced Eucalyptus board with a cork back. The melamine coated surface allows for an easy clean even when used by the messiest of little eaters!

Heat resistant up to 140 degrees celsius. Do not place dishes taken directly from a hot oven onto this product. Not suitable for use as a chopping board.



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